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Player Name Team Name Games Played Qualified For Playoffs (5)
AlPainful Addictions3
Al P.No Glove No Love1
Albert A.Dirty Diamonds16
AlexBeerly Legal2
Alex F.Dirty Diamonds5
Alex T.Bear Minimum21
Alexie C.Bats Hit Crazy5
AlexisBeerly Legal1
Alysha L.Caught Looking6
Alyssa L.Painful Addictions1
AmberVectra Homes5
Amber G.Pats Peeps18
Anah M.The Hooligans3
Andre L.Painful Addictions10
AndreaThe Hooligans3
Andrea D.Sons of Pitches13
Andrea M.Curdz N Gravy13
Andree L.Painful Addictions9
Andrew C.Dirty Sox1
Andy M.Vectra Homes4
Angel P.Blue Ballers6
Angele A.Vectra Homes13
Angele G.Curdz N Gravy15
Anyse G.Bear Minimum1
Ashley G.The Hooligans20
Ashley J.Pats Peeps14
Ashley R.Small Town Sluggers20
AshtonDirty Sox5
Ayden M.Curdz N Gravy18
Bob D.Blue Ballers0
Bob O.Pats Peeps2
Brad L.The Hooligans20
Bradley G.Caught Looking0
BradyPainful Addictions3
Brandon M.Small Town Sluggers5
Bree R.Vectra Homes20
Brenna S.Caught Looking22
Brent B.The Hooligans14
Brian M.Caught Looking18
BriannaThe Hooligans1
Brielle D.Dirty Sox5
Brittany B.Vectra Homes2
Brittany D.Pats Peeps14
Brody S.Blue Ballers15
Bronson B.Small Town Sluggers13
Brooke K.Blue Ballers16
BubbaBeerly Legal18
Callista T.Blue Ballers0
Carole B.Sons of Pitches10
Carole D.Pats Peeps14
Casey B.Dirty Diamonds0
CassanCaught Looking3
Catrina S.Dirty Diamonds15
Chad M.Caught Looking22
ChantalPainful Addictions3
Chantal B.The Hooligans14
Chantal S.Dirty Sox20
Chantale F.Vectra Homes10
Chris P.Small Town Sluggers14
Chris R.Small Town Sluggers18
Christina B.Bear Minimum6
Christine W.Dirty Sox15
Cindy D.Small Town Sluggers15
Cindy D.Dirty Diamonds21
Cody C.Dirty Sox12
ColeBeerly Legal19
Coline W.Pats Peeps10
ConnorSons of Pitches5
ConnorBeerly Legal5
Corey P.Blue Ballers22
Corey Z.The Hooligans15
Cori P.Small Town Sluggers0
Corinne W.Bear Minimum16
Cory R.Painful Addictions15
Courtney F.Dirty Sox19
Courtney S.Curdz N Gravy18
Craig L.Curdz N Gravy13
CrystalThe Hooligans12
CrystalBear Minimum0
Crystale M.The Hooligans2
CurrieVectra Homes1
CurtisPainful Addictions2
Curtis K.Blue Ballers1
DakotaThe Hooligans6
Damien F.Bats Hit Crazy21
Dan R.Bear Minimum1
Danelle B.MudBoggers18
DanielNo Glove No Love19
DanielleDirty Sox5
Danielle V.No Glove No Love11
DannyCaught Looking4
DarcieDirty Sox1
DarrenThe Hooligans1
Darren H.Curdz N Gravy20
David B.Dirty Diamonds19
David B.Sons of Pitches5
Debra B.Small Town Sluggers7
Denis B.MudBoggers13
Denis G.MudBoggers4
Denis S.Painful Addictions11
Denis W.Dirty Sox15
Denise B.No Glove No Love14
DenverBeerly Legal1
Derek L.Pats Peeps22
Desiree M.Dirty Sox20
Diane R.No Glove No Love2
Doug D.Dirty Sox16
DrakeBeerly Legal1
Dustin B.Sons of Pitches5
Dustin D.Pats Peeps15
Dustin L.Blue Ballers7
DylanBeerly Legal21
DylanPats Peeps1
Dylan B.Blue Ballers0
Dylan C.Dirty Diamonds7
Elanore P.Caught Looking3
Emilie L.Bats Hit Crazy19
Emily T.Bats Hit Crazy20
Eric C.Bats Hit Crazy20
Eric H.Vectra Homes17
Eric S.Small Town Sluggers13
Erik B.MudBoggers15
EthanDirty Sox4
Everett B.Caught Looking11
Faith S.Small Town Sluggers4
Francois G.Blue Ballers17
Gilles B.MudBoggers16
Gilles F.The Hooligans20
Ginette R.No Glove No Love7
Glenn B.MudBoggers17
Greg M.Sons of Pitches14
Gus G.Dirty Diamonds20
Haley H.No Glove No Love22
Hanna J.Curdz N Gravy5
Heidi H.Sons of Pitches18
Helene D.Sons of Pitches4
Henri G.No Glove No Love1
Holly J.Caught Looking16
IsabelleBeerly Legal13
Ivan B.MudBoggers1
Jackson M.Sons of Pitches20
JacobPainful Addictions1
JadeBeerly Legal20
James W.Vectra Homes13
Jamielyn L.Caught Looking2
JanelleThe Hooligans5
JaredCaught Looking4
Jaryd V.Vectra Homes0
Jason L.Curdz N Gravy15
Jason R.Curdz N Gravy19
Jay M.Curdz N Gravy11
JeffSons of Pitches2
Jeff C.Dirty Diamonds1
Jeff C.Vectra Homes13
Jen W.Painful Addictions16
Jenn M.Painful Addictions1
Jenna M.Pats Peeps19
Jennifer B.Painful Addictions10
Jess L.Painful Addictions11
JessePats Peeps4
Jessica R.No Glove No Love2
JoannieThe Hooligans20
Joey P.Dirty Diamonds7
John A.Painful Addictions0
John R.Sons of Pitches6
JordanDirty Sox7
Jordan A.Sons of Pitches2
Joseph E.Caught Looking20
Josh D.Caught Looking1
Josh T.No Glove No Love5
Joshua K.Blue Ballers16
Julie D.Bats Hit Crazy4
Julie L.Bear Minimum21
Julie P.Painful Addictions5
Julie V.No Glove No Love3
Julien M.Bats Hit Crazy4
JustinDirty Sox6
Karissa K.Blue Ballers0
Karly P.Blue Ballers20
KassyThe Hooligans2
Katerina B.Blue Ballers23
Katie D.Vectra Homes5
Kayla F.The Hooligans7
Kayla L.Bats Hit Crazy18
Kayla W.Blue Ballers10
KayleyPainful Addictions7
KendraBeerly Legal23
Kevin B.Dirty Sox5
Kevin J.MudBoggers15
Kiana V.Caught Looking6
Kim B.Bear Minimum10
Kim M.Curdz N Gravy16
KirkNo Glove No Love3
Kris L.Dirty Diamonds9
Kristin H.Curdz N Gravy7
Krysta P.Small Town Sluggers20
KsaniaBeerly Legal14
KyanaBeerly Legal4
KyleBeerly Legal1
Kyle L.Bats Hit Crazy22
Kyle M.Bear Minimum9
Kyle T.Dirty Diamonds11
KylieBeerly Legal2
Lacey L.Caught Looking14
LaffyBeerly Legal1
Larry A.Small Town Sluggers1
Lauren P.Bats Hit Crazy18
Laurence D.Painful Addictions12
LexiDirty Diamonds1
Lindsay L.Curdz N Gravy19
LisaPainful Addictions12
Lisa M.Bear Minimum19
LoganNo Glove No Love21
Logan C.Pats Peeps8
Lorie T.Curdz N Gravy2
LouisBats Hit Crazy5
Lucie C.MudBoggers11
Lyne A.Painful Addictions1
Lynn A.Painful Addictions1
Lynn L.No Glove No Love2
Lynnette L.Painful Addictions7
Maddie F.Bear Minimum20
Maddy C.Small Town Sluggers7
Magalie B.Dirty Diamonds17
MagnoliaVectra Homes12
MailyPats Peeps1
Makenzie M.Blue Ballers13
Manon D.Pats Peeps17
Marc G.Bats Hit Crazy1
Mario M.Curdz N Gravy7
Mario R.Dirty Diamonds3
Mark P.Sons of Pitches12
Martel B.MudBoggers15
Martin R.No Glove No Love2
Mathieu C.Bats Hit Crazy21
MattCaught Looking2
MattThe Hooligans4
Matt A.Vectra Homes16
Matt H.Bear Minimum21
Matthew G.Pats Peeps9
MaxCurdz N Gravy1
Max M.Caught Looking0
Maxime C.Bats Hit Crazy21
McKenzie L.Blue Ballers1
Meagan M.Caught Looking16
Megan L.Dirty Diamonds4
Mel L.MudBoggers18
Mel L.Dirty Sox15
Mel M.No Glove No Love22
Mel P.No Glove No Love15
MelikaCaught Looking3
MelissaVectra Homes1
Melissa B.Dirty Sox2
Melissa S.Sons of Pitches4
MicahBeerly Legal2
Mike A.Dirty Sox12
Mike D.Sons of Pitches17
Mike F.Dirty Sox4
Mike G.Dirty Sox3
Mike O.Caught Looking17
Miley B.Bats Hit Crazy17
MillerBeerly Legal2
Miranda B.Sons of Pitches1
Mitch M.Blue Ballers5
Mitch M.Bear Minimum20
MJ A.MudBoggers19
Monica D.Pats Peeps16
Nat J.No Glove No Love2
Natasha C.Caught Looking11
Natasha P.Blue Ballers20
NathanBeerly Legal3
NathanNo Glove No Love21
Nic M.Caught Looking4
Nich T.No Glove No Love21
Nich V.Sons of Pitches1
Nicholas L.Caught Looking1
NickBeerly Legal21
NoahBeerly Legal1
Noah V.Curdz N Gravy17
OwenBeerly Legal10
Paige S.Small Town Sluggers18
Pascal B.Bats Hit Crazy0
PatBear Minimum6
Pat C.Bear Minimum3
Pat P.Small Town Sluggers16
Patrick G.Bats Hit Crazy16
Patrick L.Blue Ballers20
Patrick M.Bats Hit Crazy17
Patrick R.Pats Peeps19
PaulVectra Homes3
Paul P.Blue Ballers2
Paul S.Vectra Homes0
Paula B.Dirty Diamonds20
Pierre L.Dirty Diamonds11
Randi B.Small Town Sluggers14
Randy H.Sons of Pitches4
RaySons of Pitches1
Ray A.Curdz N Gravy1
Rene S.MudBoggers15
Renee B.Sons of Pitches7
Renee G.MudBoggers16
Richard L.Bear Minimum19
Richard L.Vectra Homes16
Richard M.Aftermath1
Rick D.The Hooligans22
Rob G.Bear Minimum6
Roger G.No Glove No Love2
Ron R.Pats Peeps13
Roxanne B.Small Town Sluggers6
Roxanne L.Bear Minimum1
Roxanne L.Dirty Sox5
Roxanne R.Sons of Pitches11
RyanPainful Addictions2
Ryan C.Small Town Sluggers15
Ryan T.Blue Ballers11
Ryan T.Dirty Sox15
Sam L.Vectra Homes14
Sam R.No Glove No Love10
Samantha J.Dirty Diamonds19
Samuel M.Caught Looking6
Sarah L.Caught Looking2
Scott D.Dirty Diamonds3
Scottie M.Pats Peeps14
Sebastien M.Small Town Sluggers2
Serge S.Painful Addictions11
ShanePainful Addictions2
Shane S.Pats Peeps2
ShannonThe Hooligans1
Shawn C.Bear Minimum20
Sherri B.No Glove No Love5
SophieBeerly Legal6
Sophie L.Blue Ballers1
SpencerBeerly Legal10
Stef C.Dirty Sox17
Stef L.MudBoggers3
Stella D.Blue Ballers7
StephCurdz N Gravy1
Steph M.The Hooligans16
StephanieThe Hooligans12
StephaniePats Peeps1
Stephanie L.Vectra Homes9
StephenCaught Looking3
SterlingBeerly Legal1
Steve S.Painful Addictions11
SubrinaCaught Looking3
SullyVectra Homes1
Sylvie D.Sons of Pitches18
Tanya C.Bear Minimum1
Tara J.Bear Minimum16
Taylor R.MudBoggers2
Terry P.Painful Addictions11
Thomas M.Curdz N Gravy18
Thomas P.Painful Addictions1
Tina M.MudBoggers19
Tina P.Curdz N Gravy6
TraceyCaught Looking11
Tracey V.Painful Addictions6
Trevor J.Pats Peeps17
TylerBeerly Legal2
Tyson R.No Glove No Love16
ValCurdz N Gravy1
Van S.Aftermath6
VanessaBeerly Legal19
Veronique C.Dirty Diamonds15
Viviane R.Bear Minimum1
Wendy M.Sons of Pitches16
Will S.Vectra Homes16
YasmineBeerly Legal16
Yves B.Small Town Sluggers11
Yves P.Small Town Sluggers2
Zachary H.Sons of Pitches19
ZakCaught Looking4
Zandre C.Blue Ballers0